It's Time!

My name is Remi Charron, and I am a Nomination Contestant to become the Green Party Candidate for the West Vancouver–Sunshine Coast–Sea to Sky Country riding.  

Help me ensure that our riding recovers from COVID with residents, businesses, and communities that are more resilient while achieving deep greenhouse gas reductions. 

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What I Would Bring to the Riding

  • Pemberton resident since 2011. 
  • Deep understanding of local agriculture as co-owner of Camel’s Back Harvest with my wife, providing grown produce to local residents and restaurants.  
  • Expert in housing energy efficiency and the BC Energy Step Code providing consulting services to all levels of government. 
  • Deeply concerned with housing affordability in the region. I have seen too many friends forced to move either within, or out of our riding.  
  • Father of two children that wants to do what’s best for our future generations. 
Aerial view of the Sea to Sky Highway in Howe Sound, North of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
Green Political Rossette On Ballot Paper For Election
To have me as your Green Party candidate for the next Federal election, vote for me at our local nomination Meeting.

You must be a resident of the West Vancouver–Sunshine, Coast–Sea to Sky Country riding and be a member of the Green Party of Canada for a minimum of 30 days before the vote.

Not already a member? You can sign up for a one-year membership with a donation of $10 :

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Let’s Build On Our Strengths!

Our riding’s municipalities have been very proactive in developing green policies, with many including West Vancouver, Squamish, Bowen Island, having declared climate emergencies.  

As communities, we have committed to significant GHG emissions reductions. Achieving these goals will require more support from the Federal government.

I plan on being a strong advocate to get the Federal government to provide leading municipalities with the resources and power they require to achieve their greenhouse gas reduction targets. 
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We need to work together to transition away from fossil fuels to communities powered by clean electricity.  Let's not spend time and resources building new fossil fuel infrastructure (e.g. Woodfibre LNG, Trans Mountain pipeline extension).  The benefits will extend beyond reducing GHG emissions. For example, I talk of the benefits of electrifying our houses in the a Green Good News video.

By building on our green values, and focusing on action instead of more talking, we will keep attracting world-class companies to our riding such as:
World-leading direct air capture technology constructing its Innovation Centre in Squamish.  
First of its kind in North America, building prefabricated panelized Passive House certified buildings.  
Manufacturing plant in Squamish building high-performance buildings and retrofit products using a new innovative building material.
Finally, our greatest asset in this riding is the high level of engagement of its residents.  We have so many groups that are working diligently to make our community stronger and more sustainable.

By empowering these community groups to be part of the transition to a resilient low carbon societywe will ensure that our citizens are actively involved in shaping our future.  Some of the many groups involved in our riding include: